7 Best Crystals For Self-Love And Healing

Self-love is essential for a person’s survival. You cannot gain confidence either know the importance of Self-worth if you do not practice self-love. Self-love is also essential for keeping yourself sane in this insane world. There are many measures you can take to boost your sense of self-love.

However, the power of crystals cannot be denied. Mother earth provides us with various crystals that are very beneficial for specific characteristics and develop new habits. There are multiple crystals available for inducing self-love in an individual.

I want to share with you some of the commonly used crystals that can help you boost the level of your self-worth, self-love, and confidence. These crystals are also called healing crystals which play an essential role in a person’s personality development.

Some Important Reasons For Having Crystals


  • They are considered to influence an individual by Casting a powerful effect. 
  • They are best for inducing confidence and self-esteem
  • Certain crystals have the power to heal a human mind and Soul internally
  • They are in use for a longer time because of the beneficial effects they have on human beings. 
  • Wearing crystals also provides a sense of elegance which can induce self-love. 
  • The healing power of crystals cannot be denied which is why they are popular among people for achieving different benefits.
  • Crystal is considered as a good luck charm bringing significant  results

Top 7 crystals that can be used for inducing self-love:

Let’s discuss the top 7 crystals you can use for using self-love effectively. It will also help you gain confidence, which is significant in improving all aspects of your life. They are derived and extracted from nature which is why they have special powers. You should give these crystals a try if you are looking for a way to become kind to yourself and practice self-love.


It is one of the unique crystals with beneficial influences on the person. It is also called the stone of unconditional love. Unconditional love is not just towards others but also to yourself. Wearing this Crystal or keeping it along with you will induce feelings of compassion and love towards yourself.

You will be more kind towards yourself and not overburden yourself with all the things you face. It is a healing crystal that is beneficial in many regards. Most of it comes in a heart shape because it is associated with love and compassion. You can purchase it easily from crystal shop. You can also order it online conveniently and start practicing self-love.

Unique feature:

The pink color of this crystal is photosensitive which means that it will become transparent in the sunlight. It has a Glassy luster making it very unique.


It is a beautiful crystal especially green in color. It can come in various shapes, but mostly it is found in a heart shape because it is associated with love. People who keep this Crystal along with themselves are known to have wider visions towards life and themselves.

  • If you are constantly criticizing yourself, even for minor things, this is the Crystal for you.
  • It will make you look through things with definite opinions.
  • It will also help you induce self-love and kindness towards yourself.

In the world of nowadays, it is very important to have this characteristic in one’s personality. You can purchase this Crystal easily because it is available in most regions.

Unique feature: 

It is known for hardness which is less than 7. It also has various health benefits including regulating the blood pressure and metabolic system. 

3.    Red Jasper

This Crystal is in use by human beings since ancient times. It is believed that it transmits some kind of power that positively affects the human mind and soul. It induces the feeling of protection in an individual.

You have to keep yourself protected or ground till you feel safe to go out and interact with people. It is not selfish to give yourself time and say no to what you do not want to do. Suppose you like this property in your personality. In that case, you should consider this Crystal because it helps keep the personality of an individual strong, also protecting him or her from the negative aspects of life.

Unique feature:

It has a direct influence on the emotional stability. It provides a person with deep inside also giving rise to his creativity and cognitive skills. 

4.    Amethyst

It is a very beautiful crystal to look at. It comes in a bright purple color which is very eye-catching. It is believed that this Crystal helps a person in getting hold of him. It is also used for self-exploration not only on an emotional level but also on a spiritual level.

You cannot provide yourself with self-love unless you have to explore yourself and know your personality well enough. Keeping this Crystal close to yourself will bring a sense of self-enlightenment within you, leading to self-worth and self-love.

Unique feature:

It is the known semi precious gem present in the world. It has a very soft vibrant color and it is considered as the most durable crystal because of the hard material.

5.    Moonstone

It is also one of the most powerful Crystals known to hold the moon’s power. It is best for people who cannot accept certain things about themselves.

  • This stone will induce the feeling of self-acceptance in an individual, which is very important for self-love.
  • Keeping this Crystal close to yourself will bring positive changes in you.

 By having self-acceptance, you will stop being hard on yourself about certain things and take it easy. It is a very beneficial stone for inducing self-love.

Unique feature:

It has a property of feldspar property which makes it just like the moon.  Like the moon it’s sometimes reflects pure light, sometimes it gets transparent. It has the color changing property of the moon which is why it got its name.

6.    Clear Quartz

Before you practice self-love, it is very important to go for self-healing. Self-healing is an important component of building your personality and has all the strong characteristics, including self-love. Clear Quartz is known as the master healer among all crystals.

Keeping this Crystal and yourself or wearing it in the form of jewelry will lead you towards self-healing. After you have healed yourself, it is very easy to practice self-love and know your self-worth. It is one of the beneficial crystals that you must consider in the journey of self-love.

Unique feature:

It provides security to the heart and body.  Emotional purity can also be achieved by keeping the crystal close to yourself.

7.    Rhodochrosite

It is also a powerful stone for practicing self-love. It radiates energy for the person to forgive him for the things he had done in the past. Forgiving yourself and preparing yourself for new things requires strength and self-love.

This Crystal is directly associated with self-compassion and self-love. It is also very beautiful to look at you can keep it along with yourself and also take other measures to wear it all the time. It is also believed that this Crystal brings a sense of self-worth is important to practice self-love.

Without the sense of self-worth and self-importance, you cannot develop the feeling of self-love. This Crystal will keep hold of your personality and make you feel so strong.

Unique feature

This Crystal will keep hold of your personality and make you feel so strong. It comes to the market In its purest form.  

Final Thoughts:

Some of the best crystals and mentioned can be used for self-love. They will bring positive changes to your personality and life. You can easily access these crystals by ordering them online or checking them out at your locality. There are various methods to keep them close to you. You can have a lot of benefits from these crystals.

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