Self Love Books

Girl In The Mirror A Woman’s Journey To Self-Love


A woman’s triumphant journey over the obstacles that form her life begins with self-reflection, or “the girl on the other side of the mirror” who is quietly observing this transformation. Like any trained companion fending off dangerous intruders, she sees everything; she knows you better than you do. It would be impossible not to let your defenses down at first, but once you enter into an unwritten contract with this seemingly divine apparition, its secrets will become your own. Watch as you go through an incredible journey, guiding you on your quest to become a woman that can trust herself and all of her abilities. This book is like no other; it will persuade you to take a closer look at your life and how you react to everything that happens in it – past, present, and future.

Rebirth-A Journal Of Self Reflection, Heaking & Letting Go


The journal is an addition to Girl In The Mirror, so you can journal & journey towards self-love. When taking the steps to self love you become that Girl in The Mirror, practicing self-love through the 44-day self-love journey Journal. Discover your deepest hurts, strengths, and weaknesses ultimately removing the mask that blocked you from reflecting who you truly are. After this journey become at peace with the Girl In The Mirror soaked in self-love!

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