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Girl In The Mirror A Woman’s Journey To Self-Love


A woman’s ultimate triumph over life’s trials and struggles comes by the help of an extraordinary mentor: her own reflection. Experience the steps of self love and journey through the eyes of the protégé and thus become the woman on the side of the mirror who is desperately seeking fulfilment and gratification. But a word of warning: leave your natural defenses at the door. The Girl In The Mirror knows everything. She cannot be fooled, and understands your motivations and vulnerabilities – past, present, and future – better than you do. She is the key to your very own deliverance. Get ready to face up, own up, and dig up the root causes of all your shortcomings and regrets. You will begin to perceive that your lack of self-love is the burden you carried all along. You are so much more than what you see, and you can be even more. Allow the Girl In The Mirror to rescue you from a life of concession and set you on the path to becoming revive towards a new beginning, a new life, but most important a new you. By the end of this 44-day journey, you will find she has transformed you into nothing less than the woman God has intended you to become.

44 DAY SELF-LOVE JOURNEY JOURNAL: Taking the steps to self love through self-reflections, affirmations, goal-setting & daily meditations


The journal is an addition to Girl In The Mirror, so you can journal & journey towards self-love. When taking the steps to self love you become that Girl in The Mirror, practicing self-love through the 44-day self-love journey Journal. Discover your deepest hurts, strengths, and weaknesses ultimately removing the mask that blocked you from reflecting who you truly are. After this journey become at peace with the Girl In The Mirror soaked in self-love!

T. Lenell
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