” T. Lenell Is A Filmmaker, Lifestyle Blogger, and Side Hustle Mentor 🙌🏾 Dropping Jewels 💎 So You can “BE YOUR BEST & BE THE CHANGE!” She is all about helping her readers discover their freedom lifestyle. She been on the roller coaster of life just like you, but she found out what true freedom really means when she journeyed through personal growth  & discovered self love, spirituality, and ways to make money that fits her.  Now she’s on a mission to help others live life on their terms, free from fear, failure and judgement.”

Do You Want …

• To gain the confidence to live life on your terms
• To explore spirituality and how it can help you find peace in your day-to-day  life
• To find all the necessary tools to take yourself from where you are now, to exactly where you want to be
• To discover new methods for making money that don’t involve bossing people around – think telecommuting or consulting

“Let me help you find the keys to your dreams!”

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tlenell freedom lifestyle
girl in the mirror

 Imagine seeing a woman who is strong, confident and beautiful on the outside and inside. She’s someone you can look up to because she knows how to love herself. She has learned that true beauty comes from within; she doesn’t need anyone else’s approval or validation. With this new confidence, she is ready to take on anything life throws at her with ease and grace.

Girl In The Mirror will help you become your own best friend by helping you discover what makes YOU truly happy so that one day soon you’ll be able to say “I love me.”

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t lenell freedom lifestyle

 You are not happy with your life. You want to change it, but you don’t know how.

Imagine writing in a journal every day and seeing yourself become the person that you always wanted to be. The Rebirth Journal is designed for people who are ready to transform their lives into something they love. It’s time for you to find out what makes you truly happy and live your best life yet!
 Start living the life of your dreams today by ordering a copy of Rebirth today!

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